…in a Chinese mdma factory

The problem with MDMA is not purity, price or availability. It is a lack of understanding – a fundamental, systematic, cultural ignorance of the drug and the way it is used – on the part of the politicians who uphold and extend the illogical laws to ban MDMA, and any drug. That is the problem.

 PMK-glycidate, a waxy solid, is legal – unlike standard PMK, an oily liquid which is on international watchlists as it is an essential building block for MDMA. If you try to buy any amount of PMK, the DEA [may] soon kick your door in. But PMK-glycidate exists in a grey zone. It’s not exactly illegal… operation that will document the mechanics, economics, and chemistry behind a drug production and distribution industry that stretches from a lab in a Shanghai suburb to a network of MDMA chemists… in Holland, Belgium and Russia…

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We wen undercover in a chinese mdma factory
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