[what is] …extractive… psychedelic industry

With the cannabis bubble bursting in the rear view mirror, we should ensure that executives hopping from extractive industries into the nascent psychedelic pharmaceutical industry are well-scrutinized, and we should not assume or blindly trust that they will use tactics that are any less exploitative than those they used in their past career roles as mining executives.

Will psychedelic executives—especially those with backgrounds in mining and highly speculative industries—be inclined to misrepresent the effectiveness of psychedelic treatment options to uninformed consumers or vulnerable patients in order to rake in profits? Should psychedelic pharmaceutical companies—which promote “wellness” and claim to heal trauma—be held responsible for the trauma or sickness they may be causing through their continued mining operations or other extractive endeavors?

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Will extractive industry bring its disregard for indigenous people into the psychedelic industry?
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