No on Measure 109…

I cannot support Measure 109 for the following reasons… there are two different ballot measures this fall that would change state law (and only state law) regarding the possession and use of psilocin – the active ingredient in “magic” psilocybin mushrooms.

The proponents of Measure 109 are focused on setting up specialty facilities and services for the relatively few patients who might someday be able to access such. Measure 110 proponents are focused on helping a far greater number of persons and improving existing taxpayer-funded systems. First, it would require that taxpayers fund a very expensive cart (the “Oregon Psilocybin Services Program”) to be put before an wholly unknown horse (yet-to-be-defined “Oregon Psilocybin Services”) and for a comparatively small number of possible patients. Measure 109 essentially forces the state to jump start the permitting process for private investors hoping to set up “tripping clinics.” In my opinion, as a taxpayer and a rural health care provider, the state has profoundly more important funding priorities (such as BM 110). Second, BM 109 imposes a huge and unnecessary burden on an already-overwhelmed OHA… 109 would strictly limit who may use the drug (presuming it is legalized and FDA-approved) and where, by limiting the use to OHA-approved premises and staff. This may end up being a much tighter restriction than otherwise necessary (especially if… 110 passes).

Original Article (Newport News Times):
No on Measure 109, yes on 110
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