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…the idea that any of us are neutral is a fallacy. You can’t be neutral on a moving train. Bridges, for that matter, aren’t neutral either. Bridges hold tension, receiving charge and information from all sides, not to neutralize but to ensure a balanced exchange… just because people voted “no” doesn’t mean they are prohibitionists. Just because people voted “yes” doesn’t mean they are stormtroopers. People who have pointed out problems and voiced concerns of corruption aren’t raving conspiracy theorists.

…we’re all people reckoning with power, trying to heal and make positive changes in the world. We have different perspectives and bases of power. The tensions and conflicts that emerge are healthy and necessary for an emerging ecosystem to form harmoniously and justly… the primary goal that (Natural Medicine Healing Act) NMHA accomplishes, that we should feel good about on all sides, is that we can grow, share and aggregate personal possession amounts of natural medicine in one place or person, where facilitators and healers are legally protected, and we can proceed to set up aboveground community healing circles, grow co-ops, and churches… pretty much anything that wasn’t perceived as politically problematic to passage was incorporated.

Original Article (The Spore & All One Blog):
Our collective medicine path: on Colorado’s passing of the natural medicine health act & Reflections and gratitude for the measure 122 campaign and next steps in Colorado
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First, it was weed…