Ayahuasca [& entheogens]… grief and hope

No matter who or where we are, we are witnessing something no one has ever seen. The first topic of conversation everywhere on the planet seems to be that no one knows what’s going to happen… surety and predictability have vanished into thin air.

We are being asked to make sacrifices: to isolate ourselves, to stop much of our work and play, to forgo connection with loved ones, and lose income … We, the human race, who have chosen disconnection, are now being forced into an extreme version of it. I remain hopeful that we will connect with ourselves, that the pain of what the world is going through will teach us many things, and that humanity will be united in a newway when we emerge from this.  I’m not predicting an end to war and poverty, or everyone holding hands singing kumbaya as we march into the golden age. I do see a possibility for more of us to realize that we and everything around us are part of the same complex web of life, to be more present to our emotions, and therefore more compassionate with others and ourselves. We may realize that we as a human race could choose to live in a more humane manner.

Original Article (Chacruna):
The virus, ayahuasca, grief, and hope
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First, it was weed…