First, it was weed…

All the Decriminalize Nature initiatives, as well as the initiative which decriminalized psilocybin in Denver last year, include “grow, gather, gift” stipulations with the intention of allowing folks to home-grow psychedelics that have shown therapeutic potential.

…all this movement is invigorating… the good news is that every psychedelic policy reform initiative will present an opportunity for… jurisdictions to learn and refine… there’s the potential for a lot of movement… “After Denver decriminalized psilocybin, people were kind of shocked that right away the movement moved to decriminalizing all psychedelic plants,” she says. “People were like ‘oh wow, we were able to make that jump”.

Original Article (Rolling Stone):
First, it was weed – now, voters have a chance for legal psychedelics
Artwork Fair Use: Oregon Caves