[Attempts] to limit psychedelic…

[Proposition 122 (allows) the personal growing, use and sharing of psilocybin and psilocin, as well as ibogaine, mescaline and dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, for adults… ]

[Personal Use… the following acts are not an offense under State law or the laws of any locality within the State or subject to a civil fine, penalty, or sanction, or the basis for detention, search, or arrest, or to deny any right of privilege, or to seize or forfeit assets under State law of the laws of any locality, if the person is twenty-one years of age or older: (a) possessing, storing, using, processing, transporting, purchasing, obtaining, or ingesting natural medicine for personal use, or giving away natural medicine for personal use without remuneration to a person or person twenty-one years of age or older. (b) growing, cultivating or processing plants or fungi capable of producing natural medicine for personal use if: (I) the plants or fungi are kept in or on the grounds of a private home or residence; and (II) the plants and fungi are secured from access by persons under twenty-one years of age.] The personal use section… associated with five psychedelic substances (and the plants and fungi that contain them). However, a coalition of Colorado stakeholders hopes to amend the personal use section of Proposition 122. It includes an organization called Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI), the Office of the Attorney General, and various other stakeholders who are working with Colorado’s General Assembly. According to CCI’s website, the non-profit organization exists to promote interest in the administration of county government. CCI has dozens of corporate members from many different industries, including healthcare, energy, telecommunications, construction, and higher education. High profile examples include Amazon, Xcel Energy, Equifax, and Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Eric Bergman, Policy Director at CCI, says the coalition does not aim to overturn voters’ will by eliminating personal possession. Instead, the group plans to introduce clear limits on possession and home cultivation of psychedelics.

Original Article (Psychedelic Week & Denver Post):
Plans to limit psychedelic use in Colorado, Australian medical MDMA & psilocybin, U.S. drug scheduling reform & Colorado voters legalize psilocybin and psychedelic therapy
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