Veterans vouch for ayahuasca therapy

During his time in the military, he became heavily reliant on drugs: marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, psychedelics. “I just realized there’s never really, ever, a time for war,” he said.

Grob extensively studied the psychological effects of ayahuasca in Brazil in the 1990s, focusing on the UniÃo Do Vegetal church, which uses ayahuasca on a regular basis as part of its worship. Part of his research involved psychological assessments of 15 long-term members of the UDV. “Over the years of their involvement, they had impressive improvement of their overall psychological functions,” Grob said. It’s also important to enter the experience with an intention and to take it seriously, he said. “If people are respectful toward the process and responsible, they will get some answers to questions they have.”

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NM Veterans vouch for ayahuasca therapy
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First, it was weed…