Psychedelic users tended to have better mental health outcomes during the… pandemic

A recently published study, which was conducted during the… pandemic, suggests that individuals who have used psychedelic substances experience lower psychological distress, improved well-being, and enhanced post-traumatic growth. The new findings appear in the journal Scientific Reports.

…pandemic presented an unusual opportunity to investigate the relationship between hallucinogenic drug use and mental health. With much of the world facing lockdowns and isolation, the researchers wondered whether these substances could play a role in mitigating the psychological toll of the pandemic… Individuals who reported lifetime use of psychedelic drugs tended to have better mental health outcomes during the pandemic. These outcomes included reduced psychological distress, fewer symptoms of mental health disorders, and enhanced psychological well-being. Users of psychedelic drugs experienced fewer symptoms across various mental health dimensions, including obsessions or compulsions, depression, hostility, phobic anxiety, paranoid ideation, and psychoticism. The overall severity of psychological symptoms, as indicated by the General Severity Index (GSI), was also lower among this group. Compared to occasional and never-users, regular users of psychedelic drugs reported higher scores on the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory (PTG), a measure of positive changes perceived following a traumatic event. These changes encompassed areas such as forming new possibilities, personal strength, spiritual growth, improved relationships, and an increased appreciation for life.

Original Article (Psypost and Scienctific Reports):
Psychedelic users tended to have better mental health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic & Longitudinal and transcultural assessment of the relationship between hallucinogens, well-being, and post-traumatic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic
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