Jefferson County (Washington State) de-prioritizes psychedelics

Entheogens – certain psychedelic plants often used for medical or spiritual purposes – are the lowest law enforcement priority in Jefferson County, following a unanimous vote from the Board of County Commissioners.

The three commissioners debated the issue at their meeting… and passed a… resolution [5/1/2023] stating support for the decriminalization of entheogens at the state level and asking that no county resources be spent on the enforcement of laws related to their safe use, cultivation or possession… entheogens include psychedelic plants including psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca and cacti containing mescaline… [decreasing]… their costs… for low-income people… District 1 Commissioner Kate Dean said attitudes are changing toward entheogens, and the county was showing its support for the shift in thinking. “Some would say this is performative, but I think it’s OK to be putting that stake in the ground, knowing that this is going to transform how a lot of mental health is done,” Dean said. Commissioners noted the county has no power to decriminalize the substances but said they could direct county agencies to de-prioritize entheogens within the criminal justice system.

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Jefferson County de-prioritizes psychedelics
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