Nature in the paths of ayahuasca…

The relationship that social groups establish with nature is based upon representation and idea systems, mainly religious and philosophical. However, the urban and industrial society path, based on gains, has been leading to serious environmental problems, among them, the Amazon deforestation.

…the formation of religious territories of organizations that make use of the tea Ayahuasca in their rituals … is analyzed, with emphasis on men-nature interaction. Also known as religions of the forest, since they emerged in the first decades of the 20th century in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, these religions were founded by rubber tappers in three original branches: Santo Daime; Barquinha; and União Do Vegetal. The research on these institutional arrangements presented results that indicated success relations on forest conservation associated with a growing process of resacralization of nature. In the landscape, many of these properties stand out as true forest islands in the middle of extensive areas that were deforested for pasture.

Original Article (Repositoria Institucional Unesp):
Nature in the paths of ayahuasca: territoriality, institutional arrangements and phytogeographic aspects of forest conservation in the Amazon
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