OSU launches global hemp research center

Jay Noeller, an OSU professor of crop and soil science who is to head the new center also noted a sense of an historical cycle coming around. “By bringing the center to Oregon, you can also think of it as we’re returning it home, because this was the site of national research on hemp from the 1880s all the way up until around 1932. We’re just bringing it home.”

“This is the first time in U.S. history where we have a new crop that’s suddenly gone from prohibited to no longer prohibited,” Noller said. “We have never had something like this. A unit of wheat is a called a bushel, and a standard weight of potatoes is called a century. But hemp — [now] a fully legal U.S. crop — is still so new that a unit of hemp seed doesn’t yet have a universal name or standard quantity. 

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Oregon State University launches global hemp research center
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