…magic mushrooms grow…

Where and when mushrooms grow depend on the local climate and what habitats you have available… Fungi from the genus Psilocybe are found on all continents except Antarctica… To clarify a note… herbivore faeces, such as cow pats, contain grass and other plant matter, which has already gone through a long digestive process, leaving a substrate of very simple cellulose.

Many Psilocybe mushrooms, particularly the wood loving species, can look like any number of other Little Brown Mushrooms (LBM’s), some of which are deadly. It is therefore essential to know not only the species you are looking for, but also the poisonous species (including lookalikes) in your region… Fungi grow in a variety of habitats, and magic mushrooms are most commonly found in dung deposits, grasslands, woodlands, gardens, and disturbed areas. 

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Where do magic mushrooms grow?
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