Psychedelics and identity politics

I suggest that the ban [on psychedelics] also impacts the realm of identity politics. Since psychedelics are deeply entwined with some individuals’ sense of personal identity, [how do we]… address the systematic discrimination against psychedelic use and psychedelic interests[?]

Linking the struggle for social justice across identity categories, intersectionality resists discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age, among other categories. That the inclusion of psychedelic identity with these categories remains controversial demonstrates the work that remains for securing the rights of individuals to determine their own states of body and mind … For those who feel that their identity is inseparable from their experiences with psychedelics, being forced to keep quiet because of stereotypes, stigma, and misinformation can be emotionally crippling and alienating … By openly expressing the impact of psychedelics on our lives, we reveal the vast spectrum of doctors, lawyers, scientists, writers, and politicians who encompass the category of psychedelic people, thereby dismantling dismissive assumptions and overgeneralizations that encourage silence and secrecy.

Original Article (Psymposia):
Psychedelics and Identity Politics
Artwork Fair Use: Patrick J. Lynch


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