Denver vote count resumes… with a quarter of ballots uncounted

*Gordon, in the foreground, and a white-clad Albert Hoffman hike a rocky trail through the Sierra Mazateca mountains in October 1962. (Courtesy Wasson Collection).

The initiative [will] have to take roughly 55 percent of the remaining votes to win.

Election Day voters closed the gap Tuesday night, 5/7/2019, making passage more likely than it appeared earlier in the evening. Denver election officials reconvened late Wednesday morning to resume counting ballots, with the possible decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms still to be decided. Denver Elections officials expect a record turnout of about 185,000 votes. As of 8:30 a.m., about three-quarters of those ballots were counted. Final unofficial results are expected later Wednesday, 5/8/2019.

Original Article (Denver Post):
Denver vote count resumes: Mushrooms outcome hangs in the balance with a quarter of ballots uncounted
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