Psilocybin emerges from the underground into the light: how will culture shift?

Treating others as less than human and treating nature as less than ourselves is, I think, one of the gravest wrongdoings that we humans are capable of. I try to have compassion rather than judgement about it … I’d be extremely worried if corporations pushed for legislation to prevent individual use.

We have an incredible amount of generational trauma from thousands of years of being unsafe in nature and around other people, but at the same time being stewards and caring for nature and each other is a responsibility for us to take up. I think psychedelic companies and nonprofits have a huge role to play in bringing community back, and helping people take off their masks and relax their hierarchies … I think the big difference that we see between the Netherlands and Denver is that here in the Netherlands, truffles are regulated and taxed like a food product, and you can go into a smart shop to buy them and get additional information and harm reduction techniques. I think it’s a very positive movement. People have the right to alter their consciousness as long as they don’t harm others. As a European looking at the US criminal stance on psychedelic users, it seems incredibly barbaric to me … Honestly I believe that we as a culture are not mature enough to fully have the answers to these big questions. I think it will take time for corporations and decriminalization movements and the clinical movements to come together and create the best way forward. Education and increasing access are important first steps. Even if the decriminalization folks get their way and everything’s decriminalized, and even if the medicalization and for-profit folks get their way and there are retreat centers on every street corner, there is still that gap of the mysteries, the temples, the initiation rites … the true integration of what psychedelics teach us needs to be re-woven into our cultural and ontological fabric.

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Psilocybin emerges from the underground into the light: how will culture shift?
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