‘Magic’ mushrooms: The next great legalization debate

The proposed Denver measure would apply only to that city, while in Oregon mushroom use would be allowed only with the approval of a physician and under the supervision of a registered therapist.

None of the proposed initiatives envisions fully legalizing psilocybin mushrooms, which would allow the government to regulate and tax sales in a similar fashion to medical and recreational marijuana. …familiarity with recreational marijuana may have “softened up” voters and opponents of drug decriminalization, William Lunch, a political analyst for Oregon Public Broadcasting and a former political science professor at Oregon State University, said. Oregon legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2015, Colorado in 2012. The Oregon and Denver activists, echoing Lunch, say they hope voters who already accepted pot would now feel comfortable decriminalizing personal use of magic mushrooms as well.

From the Article (Sacbee):
‘Magic’ mushrooms: The next great legalization debate
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