…Oregon isn’t decriminalizing heroin & cocaine — but it should

*Vancouver police block the north sidewalk of East Hastings Avenue during a benefit barbecue and concert for Vancouver’s safe injection site, Insite. Police prevented the concert from going ahead, as organizers were not granted permits by the city.

…Oregon will join several other states that have already defelonized or decriminalized drug possession, including Maryland, California, Alaska, Maine, and Oklahoma.

Legislators in Oregon did approve a bill that would defelonize possession of drugs like heroin and cocaine in the state, but not decriminalize it. Decriminalization means that carrying small amounts of drugs would not lead to arrest or jail time, while defelonization means that carrying these drugs wouldn’t result in a felony charge, but could still be grounds for arrest. “People think of decriminalization as a ‘pie in the sky’ kind of idea,” he says. “But the majority of the public already support it and medical and public health groups like the World Health Organization support treating addiction with health-based programs rather than incarceration.”

From the Article (Refinery 29):
No, Oregon Isn’t Decriminalizing Heroin & Cocaine — But It Should
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