Oregon congressman… the trend will ‘continue’

“I still think these are the greatest thing since sliced bread,” Marty Clements says about the mushrooms. He takes a prescription bottle out of his bag, opens it and takes a couple of squares of psilocybin chocolate into his hands. He puts the chocolate back in the bottle and snaps the lid shut. Since Marty started microdosing, he says he’s been able to stop himself from hunching. He says he can see patterns of behavior caused by his PTSD now…

Ken Babbs says taking LSD and psilocybin helped him become a kinder, more open person… [Oregon Representative] Earl Blumenauer… “absolutely” sees parallels between the movements to reform laws around psychedelics and marijuana… the congressman is well known for his marijuana reform advocacy on Capitol Hill, serving as a co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. But he’s also become one of the most vocal members on psychedelics policy in recent years… asked if he feels whether the country is witnessing a repeat of the marijuana reform movement with psychedelics, he said “absolutely – it’s part of the same process.”

Original Article (Marijuana Moment & Ethos Magazine):
Congressman predicts Colorado psychedelics legalization initiative will pass next week, and the trend will ‘continue’ & Treating trauma with psilocybin
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