Japan and controlled substances: a short history

…the issue with the “Dame, Zettai” motto is that it conflates all controlled substances as something unknown and scary, without any historical and societal context… As of June 6, 2002, possession of magic mushroom carries a penalty of up to seven years’ imprisonment…

While this authoritarian approach may have been permissible in the past, it’s not as helpful now, especially with the advent of the Internet… the archaeological existence of psilocybin paraphernalia combined with the mycological evidence of psilocybin itself shows that it was definitely part of Japanese society well before modern times… Psilocybin [mushrooms]-a psychoactive fungus also known as “magic mushrooms”- is speculated to have been present in Japan since the Jomon Period (14,000–300 BCE)… psilocybin was used in shamanic rituals during the solstices. In Japan alone, there are 30 native species of psilocybin.

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Japan and controlled substances: a short history
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