Top… equity must-haves in any legalization bill…

Homegrow: allow consumers to grow a limited number of their own… at home [for example 6 per adult with max of 12 per residence] and gift a limited amount to other adults [for example, one ounce]. This serves as a check on monopolies, delays, and more… being promised that equity will come later: you know it won’t. Don’t underestimate the power you have… future generations are counting on you. – Shaleen Title, JD.

[Discussing psychedelic medicine patents… “The fact that it’s federally illegal has nothing to do with patent ability as far as the United States is concerned,” says Dr. Jayashree Mitra & “What’s eligible for patent protection… really everything. That’s what’s so exciting here and that’s what’s really excited me about moving up to Oregon, ” says Graham Pechenck, JD].

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Top 10 equity must-haves in any legalization bill
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