China is waging its own ‘war on drugs’. And it’s a total disaster

China is now a drug-war evangelist who chastises those at home and abroad who critique the failed policies of the past. One can only hope that China responds to these criticisms before it confronts its own overdose epidemic.

Meanwhile, cracking down on drug-related offenses provides President Xi Jinping’s government with an easy way to demonstrate its tough stance on crime. Powerful bureaucratic interests further entrench failed policies. Compulsory detention may not ‘cure’ detainees but the system does provide funds and employment for members of judicial and public security organs. And from the perspective of the Ministry of Public Security, post-detention programs structured around compulsory urological tests and HIV/AIDS screenings of registered individuals can be useful tools of social control.

Original Article (National Interest):
China Is Waging Its Own ‘War on Drugs’. And It’s a Total Disaster.
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