Makah police report possible fentanyl-laced marijuana

The Makah Tribal Police Department is warning the public that officers believe they found fentanyl-laced marijuana during a recent arrest … Jasper Bruner, Makah public safety director and police chief, said that when officers field-tested seized marijuana Friday, the test was positive for fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that can be 50 times stronger than heroin, according to CNN.

Clallam County Health Officer Dr. Chris Frank said that so far, fentanyl has not been too common on the Olympic Peninsula, though it has been associated with deaths along the Interstate 5 corridor within the past year. “Obviously if this is confirmed, it would be concerning,” Frank said. “It’s not only dangerous to the person with the substance use disorder, but it’s also dangerous for first responders … That notice was widely circulated locally on Facebook over the weekend. Bruner said the marijuana would be retested at the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab. Officials at other agencies said they had never seen any confirmed reports of fentanyl-laced marijuana in the region or Pacific Northwest. Though marijuana is legal in Washington state, it is still illegal on the reservation, which operates under federal law. Bruner wouldn’t name the person who was arrested, but said the person is facing tribal charges. The Drug Enforcement Agency Seattle Field Division — which covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska — has not seized any fentanyl-laced marijuana. “I can tell you we have had an increase in fentanyl seizures in the last year in the Pacific Northwest,” Jodie Underwood, spokeswoman for the Seattle Field Division, said in an email. “We [the DEA] issued nationwide alerts … because exposure to an amount equivalent to a few grains of sand can result in death.”

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Makah police report possible fentanyl-laced marijuana
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