A jail by another name: China labor camps now [re-named] “drug detox centers”

Labor camps across China began changing their names to drug centers [in 2017]… Many of the camps have housed drug rehab centers since mid-2008, when a new Anti-Drug Law came into force. Police can sentence drug offenders without trial to two years or more of compulsory rehabilitation, which can include forced labor, according to the law.

In Shanghai, shiny metal characters saying “Shanghai No.4 Re-education Through Labor Facility” still adorn the gate, but the last inmates were released months ago and the compound is now a drug rehab centre, said a guard at the facility … [One] made international headlines [in 2017] when a woman in the U.S. state of Oregon found a note in a Halloween decoration kit from Kmart that was supposedly written by a camp inmate who claimed to have played a part in making the product.

From the Article (Reuters):
A jail by another name: China labor camps now drug detox centers
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