Magic mushrooms [in North America]

Magic mushrooms… a higher number of countries either have a more lenient stance toward them or are gradually opening up to the idea of decriminalization. These include:

Canada- although psilocybin mushrooms are scheduled substances, there is an option to purchase psilocybin microdoses from a private dispensary that the government is as of yet not seriously attempting to dismantle. USA- psilocybin is illegal on a national level. However, there is a growing number of local exceptions. Growing psilocybin mushrooms (this doesn’t apply to commercial manufacturing) is not illegal in New Mexico. Additionally, Denver, CO and Oakland, CA recently became the first cities to decriminalize personal use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms, while Chicago, IL is also pushing for decriminalization. Mexico- although illegal, use of psilocybin mushrooms that includes an indigenous healer is permitted.

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