The psychedelic renaissance… double-edged sword[?]

We must proceed with caution… with the world’s entheogenic heritage at risk, can the psychedelic renaissance make a difference?

It only takes a quick search to learn about the atrocities being committed in similar places around the world. From land grabs in the Amazon to the bloody history of Wirikuta, Mexico, where the Huichol’s sacred lands have fallen prey to Canadian mining expeditions. A territory that is regarded as the centre of the universe by knowledge-keepers, has now been targeted as a profitable mineral deposit by corporate interests – a dynamic uncannily familiar to the emerging psychedelics industry. Considering the involvement of major organizations, billions of dollars in funding and troves of people worldwide tuning in to traditional knowledge, the scale can be tipped in either direction. On one hand, it may protect cultural and biological diversity by creating awareness, allocating resources and providing oversight to guarantee their integrity. On the other, it may catalyze their disintegration through cultural appropriation, biopiracy and predatory business practices.

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The psychedelic renaissance is a double-edged sword
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