…Decriminalize Nature Portland announces…

In their press release, Decriminalize Nature Portland fleshed out their motivations and intentions “Oregon is in the middle of a peak in its mental health and homelessness rates,” said Decriminalize Nature Portland organizer Holly Sullivan. “And the last thing we need to be doing is locking up more of our most vulnerable folks for the possession or homegrowing of medicines that are clinically proven to treat depression, PTSD, and addiction.”

Decriminalize Nature Portland (DNP), the Portland branch of the growing… grassroots activist group Decriminalize Nature, who are working to decriminalize natural psychedelic plant[/fungi]… Decriminalize Nature has been… critical of the measure [109], decrying the removal or addition of language that may restrict access, particularly to the working class, and people of color that have traditionally been left behind in drug reform progress, whether by intent or neglect. Bryan… also added on behalf of Decriminalize Nature in their press release; “We agree with the folks in Oakland and Denver that we have to put people before profits and liberty before licensing. In a country without universal healthcare, it’s more important than ever that we ensure equality of access through the protection of non-therapeutic possession and personal use home-growing.”

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Decriminalize nature portland announces launch of 2020 initiative to decriminalize psychedelic plant medicines
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