Cannabis vending machines hit the scene… threatening the State’s budtenders with automation

Now, as these vending machines creep onto the scene, a lot of budtenders could stand to become unemployed, replaced by machines who don’t need lunch breaks and who don’t demand living wages, who require no 401K and no medical insurance. Machines don’t bitch. And, they always show up to work on time and sober, and they never call in sick.

These cannabis vending machines won’t replace all of… budtenders outright, overnight. People will always want that human connection, they’ll always enjoy talking about bud with people who know what’s up. But pot is a business like any other — a big one — and when an opportunity to streamline the system presents itself, businesses take it, more often than not.

Original Article (The Rooster):
Cannabis vending machines hit the scene in Colorado! Threatening the state’s budtenders with automation
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