For 50 years, zero tolerance to drugs has failed…

During any crisis, radical ideas tend to come from troops at the front, rather than from the centre. Drugs are no exception.

…evidence of new ways of handling narcotics, soft and hard, has poured in from around the world. The Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal have been in the lead, with the US and Canada across the Atlantic. For marijuana, the salient point has been its medicinal use. Medicinal cannabis is now legal in most countries. Oregon is now decriminalising heroin and cocaine… Fifty years… and years of foreign efforts at reform show only one thing: that the criminal law is counterproductive. It is game, set and match to reform. Yet terror of any change seems to grip politicians in power. The can is carried by those on the frontline – the police, prison officers, doctors and social workers.

Original Article (The Guardian):
For 50 years, zero tolerance to drugs has failed – yet Britain refuses to change
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