Mom opens up about alcohol addiction

GRAPH : How each substance performs regarding the average (dashed line) of overall weighted scores. 

Substances above the dashed line (red) do more harm than the average value. 
Substances below the dashed line (pale pink) do less harm than average value.

The shocking reality of the role alcohol plays in people’s lives has been revealed in a new study…

 …which found more than 55,500 people in our region have a dependancy on drink … [This is occurring in Bristol in the UK, which has recently opened up safe and anonymous substance testing facilities to ensure safety, in some cases, for those who choose substances other than alcohol. [Substances which are often safer, according to scientists, particularly if purity can be assured through these services].

Original Article (ITV):
Mum opens up about alcohol addiction
Artwork Fair Use: The British Medical Journal The Lancet

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