Ayahuasca may help patients with treatment-resistant depression, study finds

In this new study, a large group of Brazilian scientists carried out the first randomized placebo-controlled trial with ayahuasca, treating 29 patients with treatment-resistant depression.​

Half of the patients were treated with ayahuasca, and the other half with placebo. “We observed a significant placebo effect, but the effects of ayahuasca were superior, and lasted longer,” said João Paulo Maia, a psychiatrist from the Onofre Lopes University Hospital, and co-author of this study. Significant improvements were already observed one day after the dosing session. “Seven days after the session the effect increased, and 64% of the patients responded to ayahuasca, while 27% responded to the placebo,” said Fernanda Palhano-Fontes, first author of the study.

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Ayahuasca May Help Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression, Study Finds
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