Healing… with psilocybin [mushrooms]

The bill would just allow the drug to be administered inside these facilities during guided treatment sessions. The bill was revised last year to be more focused on therapy, a move Carolyn Garcia doesn’t agree with. “There’s too many people involved here who’ve been handling mushrooms for a long time all over the world, and to try to sequester that activity and hold it just to therapists in carefully monitored situations seems unfair,” she says. 

Carolyn Garcia, another member of the Merry Pranksters, was married to Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grateful Dead. She’s known as “Mountain Girl” in the Prankster crowd. Garcia says she supports people who use psilocybin for medical use, but she feels that Initiative Petition 34 [now Measure 109] is too narrow and should include licensing for uses of psilocybin that don’t have to do with therapy.

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Treating trauma with psilocybin
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