The crucial role of mothers in reforming drug policy

Mothers in the UK, US, Canada, and beyond are advocating for drug policy reform; for many, their advocacy follows the death or incarceration of their child as a result of the drug war …  many mothers and other family members have come together in the fight for evidence-based, person-centred drug policy reform due to the effect of prohibitionist laws on their families.

In United States :  Moms United to End the War on Drugs, a campaign [which] involves people uploading photos that highlight how their families are torn apart “due to a loved one’s incarceration; an accidental overdose; their being harmed or killed by drug war violence; or their being lost on the streets due to drug problems”.

In Canada : Moms Stop the Harm, which advocates for various harm reduction measures.

In UK : Anyone’s Child, an international network of families who are campaigning for an end to the criminalisation of drug use, and often speak in favour of the legal control and regulation of drugs.

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The Crucial Role of Mothers in Reforming Drug Policy
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