DMT and the psychedelic underground in mainland china—an insider’s story

We are surrounded by millions of judgmental eyes and strange authorities here in mainland China. Perhaps it’s similar elsewhere. I don’t know.

They showed what I’ve done wrong, everything, one by one. I felt like my soul not only my body was stripped in front of the whole universe. Every other spirit was looking at me and my sins. I was so humiliated. It was thousands of times harder than a bad trip on acid. I said: “I know, I know, give me a break, please, I’m so sorry.” But they wouldn’t stop until I confessed. I was still holding my ego, stuck there for a long time. The audience was kind and patient to me: “It’s hard but it’s ok; everybody did it. You can do it. Take your time”, they expressed … learning to navigate the DMT trip has helped me crystalize and understand my own path … I became familiar with the “director behind the veil.” I’ve seen a lot of this show, so I knew it was showing me again, telling, and teaching. 

Original Article (Kaphi):
DMT and the Psychedelic Underground in Mainland China—An Insider’s Story
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