In defense of the use of sacred plants in the americas

Since their inception, international policies toward drugs have been characterized by being racist, classist, colonialist, and created by a Western elite that has failed to consider the diversity of traditional uses for plants and psychoactive substances.

…the importance of these insights into psychoactive plants and their molecules, the diverse areas of research yet to be explored, the many underlying political and economic interests, and the need for legislative reform. To achieve this reform, we need to deepen our knowledge of history, anthropology, psychedelic medicine, biology, ecology, chemical components and their effects on human consciousness, and physiology in order to build fair, tolerant, and inclusive policies backed by science that compensate for the damage already caused to cultural practices by anti-drug policies and do not divest the plants of their sacredness.

Original Article (Chacruna): 
In Defense of the Use of Sacred Plants in the Americas
Artwork Fair Use: Non-Violent Leadership for Social Justice

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