Battle in the mexican desert: silver mining against peyote and indigenous spirituality

The real wealth lives on the surface of the ground… Mexico would profit much more by letting silver, the ‘excrement of the Moon’, remain buried, and instead take advantage of the natural medical and therapeutic wealth of peyote to help cure modern man of his ‘sickness of the heart’.

Currently, several companies are itching to begin extracting precious metals from this area once again. First Majestic Silver, a Canadian mining company with 70% of its property within Wirikuta, recently cleaned up the entrance to Santa Ana, Real de Catorce’s oldest and biggest mine; hired more workers; and continues to explore for veins of silver ore… After a legal challenge to mining company plans in 2013, Mexico’s federal courts blocked all mining in a 140,000 hectare area of Wirikuta, a major victory for environmental and indigenous rights. But in Mexico, time tends to wear down political opposition and global money tends to prevail over community activism…. If the mining companies ultimately prevail as they pursue their battle through the courts, the scale of metal extraction will be greater than ever before – as will the environmental and cultural consequences.

Original Article (The Ecologist):
Battle in the Mexican desert: silver mining against peyote and indigenous\spirituality
Artwork Fair Use: Mary Emily Eaton (1873-1961) Daniel Schweich Cactaceae (1919-1923) by Britton et Rose, Vol. III


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