The roots of witchcraft

They were, in fact, curanderas, ‘wise women’ deeply versed in the herbal lore their ancestors had learnt from ancient Iberian-British aboriginals, a.k.a. the elves.

The Origins of the British shows evidence that there was no genocide of ancient Britons by either Celtic or Anglo-Saxon incomers… Genetic sampling shows that 75-95 per cent of the pre-1950 population [in Britain] came from neolithic Iberians who walked here after the last glaciation receded and we were joined to the continent… descendants of the elves and witches… [Not]… vanilla witches sans drugs, sans magic, sans pagan rituals, the sort you might meet at a Full Moon party in Ibiza, offering Bodyshop essential-oil rubs for 20 euros a pop. [That] is… denial: the witches were… on a whole Glastonbury of hallucinogenics: they knew about poisons and how to administer them; they provided love philtres and abortifacients.

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The roots of witchcraft
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