Inside the movement to decolonize psychedelic pharma

There’s no question that the psychedelic renaissance is in full bloom. As psychedelic medicine goes public, researchers, advocates, and members of the psychedelic community are calling for innovative and “decolonized”… models… one[s] that avoid… recreating the mistakes of the past.

After a decades-long battle to push through regulatory barriers and overcome long-enduring stigmas, psychedelics are poised to cross the threshold into a post-prohibition future of FDA approval, legalization, and a thriving biotech industry… but this phenomenal growth hasn’t come without its growing pains… without a commitment to equal access, critics say that the mainstream adoption of psychedelic medicine may perpetuate systemic inequalities and create barriers to access for [marginalized] patients, therapists, and stakeholders.

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Inside the movement to decolonize psychedelic pharma
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