A war on kratom: who uses the herb & why they refuse to back down

While the FDA has cited 36 deaths in association with kratom, the autopsies which have been made available are missing critical information, and several of the autopsies have not been made public despite Freedom of Information Act concerns … “In every case where we have been able to read the autopsies, there have been other substances, both legal and illegal, and many of them contraindicated,” Robin Graham of the American Kratom Association (AKA) told Heavy.

Contrary to popular belief, kratom is not used solely by those who are attempting to get off of opiates, as shown in the variety of stories. Though at a time when the opioid crisis is at an ultimate high, even if it were the sole reason people use it, why would it be taken away? Proponents of the tea leaf say that the effects cannot even be compared to marijuana, yet banning it could make it just as punishable as possessing heroin nationwide, and it is already scheduled as such in some states. “I’ve been using Kratom for 8 years,” Charles Bischoff told Heavy. “I have gone from being a zombie on so many antidepressants, to becoming a crisis clinician, owning my own computer repair businesses and working as a full-time care giver for dementia clients.” … “I am able to keep a full-time job,” Sarah Fletcher told Heavy. “I’ve been clean off of Suboxen and pain killers for over a year. It also keeps my anxiety and depression in check.”

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A War on Kratom: Who Uses the Herb & Why They Refuse to Back Down
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