Why are shrooms illegal?

Psilocybin [mushroom] prohibition could fade away, effectively ending the “bad trip” that is the War on Drugs – at least as it pertains to shrooms. Prohibition hasn’t stopped American psychonauts from enjoying shrooms over the last 50 years though.

[However, it’s Europe in] 2008, when the Dutch government launched a crackdown on magic mushrooms. That abrupt change in policy was prompted by the death of Gaelle Caroff, a 17-year-old French student who purchased shrooms, [questions about why sales to minors occurred, remain], from a smart shop during a school trip to Amsterdam in 2007 and jumped off a building while under the influence. Anyone caught selling shrooms (fresh or prepared)… in the UK, now faces a potential life sentence in prison.

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Why are shrooms illegal?
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