Colonization laid the groundwork for the drug war

…centuries of biased propaganda and policy associating currently-illicit, plant-based substances with chaos, violence, and malice. As a society beginning to seriously discuss creative alternatives to the punishment- and abstinence-based status quo, we must acknowledge that maintaining drug prohibition requires both a misappropriation and control of substances that are… [naturally-occurring] to certain lands and cultures.

Decolonizing drug use on an institutional level means that we legitimize and provide access to plant-based, entheogenic practices, and that we bring more awareness to indigenous healing practices and frameworks that go beyond the present healthcare system’s reliance on specific treatments for single indications. It means awareness of why institutions like the DEA, FDA, and others use the standards they use, and why it is imperative to critique them.

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Colonization laid the groundwork for the drug war
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