Understanding the [psilocybe mushroom] supply…

For millennia, mushrooms were the only available source of psilocybin for human consumption. These days, they remain the most propagated way of taking psilocybin in informal circles outside of clinical trials.

Critics of chemically-isolated psilocybin argue that psilocybin-producing mushrooms contain a number of other compounds that could contribute to their overall therapeutic effect. “The biggest advantage to naturally-occurring magic mushrooms is that [they] make sort of a cocktail of active ingredients, in that it’s not just psilocybin,” says Chadeayne. He went on to say that the overall experience of consuming Psilocybe mushrooms comes from the interaction of psilocybin with other ingredients like monoamine oxidase inhibitors and aeruginascin. “Those molecules might contribute to the overall psychedelic experience. So they might have a lot of value in their own right. And if you’re doing chemical synthesis, you don’t get any of those molecules. So you’re losing out on this sort of chemical complexity that the organisms are able to produce naturally,” adds Tyler.

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Understanding the psilocybin supply chain: every production method explained
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