…psychedelic activists… interview

…it makes sense why they target activists who are speaking out against… the absurdity of reaching, healing, and helping people through this extremely inaccessible medical care system and through the sales of pharmaceuticals – especially people that have been through complex trauma, people who are poor, people who are unhoused, people who use drugs or are dependent on substances.  

There needs to be more grassroots organizing among those who work with people who need help. We need to think of creative ways to better serve our communities and ourselves as we’re doing really difficult work. A lot of the reasons why I use psychedelics is so that I can sustain myself in work that is emotionally taxing. We need to develop a perspective that is political, that is rooted in people, rooted in workers, rooted in the poor, in the undocumented, and in the Indigenous. Rooted in communities that are not rich… we could potentially use psychedelics in a positive way, but it has to come from the community…

Original Article (Left Voice):
Anticapitalist psychedelic activists banned: an interview
Artwork Fair Use: W.carter


First, it was weed…