Coloradans… new… restrictive… psychedelic bill introduced…

…to organize lobbying efforts after a lawmaker introduced a bill regulating the fungus. 

The proposed bill contains details about how the state would go about implementing the landmark Natural Medicine Health Act [NMHA]. The NMHA–also known as Prop 122–was passed in November 2022. It created a path for “healing centers,” where adults over 21 can take psilocybin with a trained guide. The NMHA also legalized four psychedelics for personal use–psilocybin, DMT, mescaline and ibogaine. Critics of the new proposed regulations of the NMHA, which are 87 pages long, say they would effectively re-criminalize some aspects of personal use [and personal cultivation]… cites a passage of the proposed bill that says that openly and publicly displaying or consuming natural medicines would be classified as a petty offense… [$1000 fine, et al.] & [$100 fine, et al.]… as the bill was announced… called for a presence on April 20 [4/20/23] mid-morning at the state capitol. The bill is scheduled to be read, and the public is invited to testify about it… [approved by just under 54% of Colorado voters, Prop 122 didn’t put limits on the personal possession and cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms… however, under this proposal… cultivation must be done on a person’s private property, subject to 12′ by 12′ limitation…]

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New psychedelic bill introduced, some Coloradans worry it’s too restrictive & Bill proposing Colorado psychedelic and psilocybin facilitation laws will be introduced & The psychedelic therapist, 2
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