Brazilian ayahuasca practitioner arrested and sentenced to prison in Russia

Roca, 67, flew to Moscow from Lisbon at the invitation of other scholars for a tour of lectures throughout Europe. Russian customs officials, acting on a tip from the Moscow airport’s drug enforcement detail, searched Roca’s luggage upon his arrival and found four bottles of ayahuasca. Roca explained that he was carrying the brew for meditation and healing.

Roca was detained for nine months after his arrest, during which his attorney, Eduard Usikov, made several powerful appeals for his release including letters of defense from the Brazilian Federation of Therapists; the Fulni-o tribe, Aguas Belas; the chair of the Parliamentary Front for Integrative Practices in Health of the National Congress, and, Michel Temer… But Roca was sentenced to six and a half years’ imprisonment—specifically for transporting the DMT contained within his four bottles of ayahuasca.

*Russia State Duma Committee votes to block access to websites describing evidence that suggests using psychedelics for health and healing may have positive benefit. HERE

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Brazilian Ayahuasca Practitioner Arrested and Sentenced to Prison in Russia
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