Messed up after ayahuasca ceremony?

I’m a massive advocate for being ridiculously picky about who you join in ceremony … Sometimes we have to visit the darkest corners of our consciousness to let go of what ails us; if that’s the case, you really want to be with someone who has done the same work on themselves.​

I work both inside and outside of ceremonial circles, and recently I’ve heard a shockingly large number of tales from folks who feel more traumatized since drinking ayahuasca. This is not the fault of the medicine. The accountability lies in the humans who created the brew and led the ceremonies. The level of responsibility it takes to organize, host, and facilitate ayahuasca ceremonies is mind-blowingly deep. Many aren’t up for the challenge and therefore dismiss the necessity to hold this liability. This will inevitably result in some awful ramifications, often shouldered by the unsuspecting souls who sit with novice practitioners … Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. If you’re in an ayahuasca aftermath feeling worse off than you were originally, get help pronto. This medicine wants to heal and expand you, not harm you. Speed bumps are normal, as Aya is one of the most powerful substances on the planet, but you don’t have to suffer alone. In fact, you don’t have to suffer at all. You will come through this stronger and wiser than ever before; all you need is the motivation and assistance to move the energy and get to the other side.

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Messed up after ayahuasca ceremony?
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First, it was weed…

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