Can weed make you a better athlete?

“Meeting all these other athletes who are doing the same thing made me realize, ‘No, I’m not crazy,'” says Riley Cote, a retired NHL player and another founding member … “I’m not a criminal, and I don’t want to go to federal prison for this plant,” he concludes. “All I want to do is help people.”

Britton estimates that a minimum of 50 percent of NFL players use cannabis and says it’s fairly easy not to get caught despite what the omnipresent suspensions for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy would suggest … The players, though, already believe in its potential. “It’s anecdotal, but I’ve been in over 250 fights in my life—taken a lot of head trauma,” says Cote. “I believe the cannabinoids I consumed while I was playing protected my brain.” Adds Britton: “The guys who consume cannabis through their football careers are going to be in much better shape coming out of them than the guys that don’t.” … He and the rest of these athletes are sure they’re just ahead of the curve and are simply waiting for the leagues (and the laws) to catch up. When that happens, according to Rutten, “The world’s gonna be a better place, let me tell you that.”

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Can weed make yo u a better athlete?
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