Soldiers turn to Native American sweat lodges to treat PTSD

For some, discovering the sweat lodge came at the lowest point in their lives. Originally designated only for men of the tribe, leaders now welcome anyone to the lodge, especially soldiers.

​Special Agent Kevin Cheek of the Air Force, now the military liaison for the sweat lodge, says, “I’ve deployed five times. I’ve been there and back, and all that negative baggage that you collect and the things that you see and stuff like that, this helps you cope. This helps you deal with all that.” John Charles Freyta, a Desert Storm veteran, found out about the ceremony at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He says, “I got shot by the police four times, and I told the police I was suicidal and I wanted to die, and I threw a rock at them and they shot me.”

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Soldiers turn to Native American Sweat Lodges to treat PTSD
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