The first psychedelic patent troll?

 The term “patent troll” best describes… [those seeking] to extract royalties from other practicing entities by leveraging its patent portfolio [in Cahoots with the Controlled Substances Act of 1970].

On the one hand, [for-profit psychedelic actors are] candid about their lack of interest in clinically developing their compounds in favor of “partnering” with others interested in doing that work.  This feels like trolling because the patent owner is holding downstream research hostage in order to extract a profit by enforcing patents on technology… [For-profit psychedelic actors claim to be]… filling a longstanding unmet need for making psychedelic compounds. The “industry” wouldn’t have the ability to work with these compounds at all without [the “industry’s”] efforts in synthesizing them. [They argue] their patent portfolio will enable them to enjoy some form of compensation for making those compounds available to the rest of the world.  [Claim]… a lack of IP in the psychedelic space as a major limitation to attracting meaningful investment capital.  Creating patent assets [they insist] solves this problem, allowing for growth in the space.

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Magic med – the first psychedelic patent troll?
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