Meet shroom mom, LA’s most fabulous… dealer

Around the time I met Shroom Mom, I was having a druggie fling with a fentanyl dealer… while fentanyl …boy and mushroom mama are both, technically, drug dealers, they occupy opposite ends of the spectrum: …boy pulsed with the carnivorous bloodlust of the streets, and I watched him callously cut cocaine with chemical fillers (not fentanyl!) to maximize profits while laughing at the junkies constantly blowing up his phone with desperate requests. 

Shroom Mom said “yes” – I could stay in the mushroom mansion’s guest room. So late one night I showed up on her doorstep straight from the airport, and she ushered me into the kitchen. Flinging open her fridge to grab some guacamole, she pointed out an acid microdose spray and DMT vape chilling in the butter compartment. “Let me add you to the Signal chat with my friend who makes these acid sprays,” she said, putting the kettle on. “Oh! And I ordered weed milk tea for you this weekend.” I grinned and reached for the jar of cookies on the counter. “Those gingersnaps have LSD, 2C-B, and MDMA in them!” she said. “Want one?”

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Meet shroom mom, LA’s most fabulous drug dealer
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